We are the Williams family and we want to thank you for stopping by our site.  For us, Bulldogs are the reason we are a family.  In the spring of 2001 Jill’s girl, Allie, had her first litter of puppies, it was from this litter that her sister-in-law adopted Matilda; a bond of family and friendship was formed that will never be broken.  Needless to say, Matilda was a very special dog to every member of our family.  Our family consists of Jill, Lexi and Mason; with each of us having our “own” dog.  Lacey, Brittney, Tori and Henry makeup our Bulldog family.  Tasha, was our boxer rescue, and will always be an honorary bullie in our hearts – RIP sweet girl.

Our mission is to protect the integrity of the breed that we so dearly love.  Because of this we only have one or two well planned litters a year, in which we breed for health, temperament and conformation.  It goes without saying that all of our puppies raised with a lot of love, attention and socialization – with this many people and animals in our home they have to be.

Jill is active in the show ring with Lexi quickly following in her footsteps.  Mason is a large part of the shows as well; he is just more “behind the scenes,” as unpaid kennel help.  We are members of the Fort Worth and Lone Star Bulldog Clubs and proud to say that with the adoption of every puppy we donate to our local breed rescue.

If you should have any questions about us, future litters or just want to chat about Bulldogs feel free to drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you.  817-521-7675